Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dentists, by definition of their profession, strive to achieve the ultimate aesthetic appearance in all the work they do, be it fillings, crowns or veneers.

If you want to improve your smile we can advise you on the best, safest and most natural-looking options. We can transform chipped or uneven teeth and offer implants or bridges to deal with gaps.


Teeth whitening is considered by the The General Dental Council as a form of dentistry. When performed by a qualified dentist or hygienist it is a very effective and safe treatment.

Our expert tooth whitening is the safe and effective way to brighten your teeth and is perfect for discoloured teeth.

If you have old and failing dental work we can gently restore and fix it.

If you want straight teeth modern straightening processes can be very discreet and fast. We can talk you through the options.

For further advice and to arrange an appointment please call the Dental Clinic on 01243 778888.