There is no need to put up with unwanted moles on skin, skin tags or other blemishes. In the right hands, these lesions can be removed with almost scarless results. At The Bosham Clinic we offer private minor surgery services, giving you rapid access to first-class care.

Our doctors’ experience in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology enables them to use a variety of simple techniques to remove unwanted moles and blemishes with outstanding cosmetic results.

At The Bosham Clinic we treat moles, skin tags, sebaceous cysts, warts, age spots, thread veins, prominent facial capillaries and much more. We use the very latest techniques including shave excisions, cautery and Sterex electrolysis.

As a doctor run service, we are able to prescribe local anaesthetic creams or injections to numb the skin, making these treatments completely pain-free.

We may need to send lesions that have been removed for laboratory analysis to confirm a diagnosis. In certain circumstances we may suggest referring you to a Dermatologist for further care.

Prices may vary depending on number of lesions treated and complexity of procedure.

For further advice and to arrange an appointment please call the Cosmetic Clinic on 01243 771455.