Men may not worry about a few lines or grey hairs. After all, it’s a sign of our wisdom and experience. But there’s no need for us to look jaded and run-down as we age. Long hours at the office and a stressful job can really take its toll on our skin and the way we look. Dry skin, sunken cheeks and a worried frown can make us look and feel tired and unhealthy.

At the Bosham Clinic we offer treatments to subtly reduce these signs of ageing with total commitment to the principle of maintaining a natural look and masculinity. Our Chichester Clinic is shared with top class dentists, chiropractors and physiotherapists; so you are able to enjoy total discretion and privacy by blending in with the varied clientele passing through our reception area.

It was once pretty revolutionary for a man to use moisturizer but its now quite the norm for men to take pride in their appearance and look after their skin. A vast and growing number of men make use of the cosmetic treatments that were once exclusive to the rich and famous. Whether it is a desire to look your best, or a wish to look and feel more healthy and dynamic in the workplace, there are a wealth of treatments and skin products designed with men in mind.

As we age our faces lose volume and start to sag. Repeated frowning or squinting etches lines and wrinkles into our skin. Sun damage, age spots, moles and other blemishes can also develop with time. Sunken cheeks and lines can be filled and softened with dermal fillers. Frown lines can be subtly relaxed or a heavy brow lifted with Botox. Eyebags can be removed by a minor surgery procedure, called blepharoplasty.

Eyelid surgery can also correct heavy lids. Sun damage, acne scarring and pigmentation blemishes can be treated with skin peels or Dermaroller microneedling. Thread veins can be treated with sclerotherapy, whilst unsightly moles and skin tags can be removed by simple minor surgical procedures. In the experienced hands of our cosmetic Doctors and Oculoplastic surgeon, these treatments are safe, require minimal recovery time and give great natural-looking results.

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