Women in their fifties and beyond are in a very important time in their lives. Many are established and need to look good, both professionally and for personal gain. Life once again gets very interesting with a bit more time for friends and loved ones.

The fifties are also important because of the hormonal fluctuation and the symptoms that this brings. The menopause accelerates aging and this shows in our skin, hair, bone structure and loss of libido. If not contra-indicated, treatment with HRT benefits most women. The improvement in quality of life, mostly outweighs any possible side effects.

Without previous non-invasive treatments, women might be concerned about general loss of volume on their faces, noticing sunken cheeks, loss of lip definition, heavy eyelids and loss of jawline definition.

An important question to ask would be if plastic surgery will be considered?

Many women would only want to address a visible frown, in which case Botox and possibly a little bit of dermal filler, will give the correct results.

If skin looks tired, skin resurfacing with either Dermaroller or medium depth chemical skin peels will improve and correct the problem.

To beautify your face and restore the volume, combination treatment with dermal fillers, Botox and plastic surgery might be necessary. When there is uncertainty whether surgery might be required, treatment with dermal fillers will give an indication of what the final result may be.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a very succesful minor surgery procedure to improve the appearance of eyes. Eyebags can be removed and heavy eyelids can be corrected.

At The Bosham Clinic we are passionate to restore your beauty and will give you advice on the best way to achieve this.

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