Life may be a bit more settled in your forties. Although time constraints are still there, it might be possible to make a bit more time for yourself. You certainly deserve to treat yourself. To look your best, you will need more than a good wardrobe!

During this time, volume loss certainly shows on the face, especially for those of us who are keeping up our fitness. Wrinkles are now visible without movement. Skin starts to loose elasticity and collagen. Skin blemishes get more noticable.

We could divide most of us into two categories:

  1. Firstly women who have previously maintained their looks with non-invasive procedures like Botox or Dermal fillers. For most women maintaining the status quo is fully sufficient. If Botox has only been used on the upper face, the lower face would need to be addressed. Combination treatment will give the best results and give uniformity and beautification to the face. Eyebags might become visible and need eyelid surgery, a minor surgical procedure called blepharoplasty. Heavy eyelids can also be corrected with this procedure.
  2. The second category would be women who have had no treatment before. Depending on the objective in mind, invariably a little more time needs to be spent to improve and maintain the skin. Some women might be happy with only a little bit of Botox, but combining treatment, with either Botox, Dermal fillers, Blepharoplasty or Chemical skin peels, will give the best results.

Dermaroller and skin peels are excellent ways to give the skin a lovely shine and improve fine lines, without using Botox. Lips can regain their natural fullness with the use of dermal fillers.

For “broken veins” on the face, skin tags, or unsightly moles, Sterex electrolysis or minor surgery can be used.

Many woman suffer with migraines and by their forties, would have tried many medical treatments to improve them. Botox is FDA approved for treating migraines, with the added benefit of looking good after.

Treating and looking after skin is always rewarding and is an important part of being healthy.

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