In our thirties, we normally get to know ourselves better, with improved self esteem and identity. Work and home life can be quite demanding with very little personal time left. Most of us are still quite medically fit and well. Actively planning families or having sleepless nights with babies or toddlers are the order of the day. This constant lack of sleep often accompanied by fluctuating hormones can leave one exhausted.

During this time, we often put our needs last on the list. Although resting lines and volume loss starts to show on our faces, most of us still maintain our beauty. This is the time to press pause. Prevention sets the stage for the next ten years.

A simple and dependable skin regime is essential. Cosmeceuticels are medical grade skin care products that are normally not available over the counter. These products are formulated to treat specific skin conditions or prevent skin damage.

Swapping facials for superficial chemical peels on a regular basis gives the skin a greater advantage.

Looking fresh and natural, despite having a hectic life, can be easily achieved by using Botox to soften lines. You can maintain expression with using Botox and that is certainly the way it should be. It all depends on the amount and the area Botox is used.

Using Dermal fillers for example Juvederm or Restylane, to put a bit of volume back in your face, is not only beautifying, but also very effective. Skin is still very receptive and reacts well to the hydrating effect that is achieved by using dermal fillers.

We might start to notice small capillaries or “broken veins” on our faces. This is easily managed by using micro minor surgery to close these little vessels. This is a safe and fairly painless procedure that yields good results.

Unwanted hair can be permanently removed by using electrolysis.

There are many things we can do to look after our skin, but realising that it is the time to start, is more important.

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