Natural Energy Stress Complex


Size: 60 capsules

A synergistic composed nutritional supplement that increases the resistance to stress and reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body. A prolonged strain of body and mind causes several adverse effects such as an imbalance in the nutrient status because of an increased consumption of nutrients, an acceleration of the aging process and weakening of the immune system.

A key component in Complex Stress is magnesium, a mineral with a soothing and protective effect. Magnesium plays a role in energy-producing reactions, has a modulating neuromuscular activity, reduces the sensitivity to stress and helps restore the acid-base balance. The B vitamins in Stress Complex help to improve the resistance to stress, reduce psychological problems such as depression and concentration difficulties and maintain emotional stability. 

Arginine, which is also is present in Stress Complex, is a non-essential amino acid that is produced by the liver. Arginine is essential for the growth and plays a role in the release of the growth hormone and the production of energy.

The taurine found in Stress Complex is a sulfur containing amino acid that plays an important role as a regulator of the nervous activity with the result that it improves sleep and supports the memory. In synergy with magnesium it produces relaxation which causes a reduced stress sensitivity.


Those who suffer from stress, high pressure, strain, nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, fatigue and/or exhaustion.