Natural Energy Ferro Plus


Size: 30 capsules

Provides the body with extra iron safely and efficiently. Per capsule Ferro Plus contains 155mg ferrous fumarate, a natural organic iron salt that is easily absorbed in the intestines without any discomfort or side effect.

Iron is an essential mineral for the maintenance of normal blood composition. In fact iron plays an important role in terms of the capacity of blood to carry oxygen. Deficiencies in iron often lead to fatigue and less endurance. Furthermore iron ensures that sufficient oxygen can be stored in our muscles (which is important for physical exercise and sport).

Finally, iron plays an important role in a variety of (enzymatic) processes which occur in the body cells for the purpose of a normal energy build-up. In other words, iron is an essential mineral in a number of processes which ensure a sufficient energy level in the human body. Only 10-15% of iron in our diet is absorbed by the body in the small intestine. The best source is called haem iron (mainly found in red meat), which is more easily absorbed than non-haem iron (bread, vegetables, nuts, etc.).

The human body contains about 2 to 4g of iron, depending on gender, body weight and iron storage capacity. The majority of iron in the body is stored in red blood cells in the form of haemoglobin (± 70%). Furthermore, there is about 20% of iron in the form of ferritin stored in the liver, spleen and bone marrow. The rest of our iron supply is located in muscles (myoglobin) and blood plasma (transferrin).

Women and growing children living on a traditional western diet often have difficulties to balance iron supplies in their bodies, which constitute one of the main causes of chronic fatigue in this group. Vegetarians, athletes and people with weight problems face similar problems. These groups need a constant intake of extra iron supplements.


  • For an optimization of iron supplies in the body
  • When feeling tired and lacking energy
  • As a supplement for women who menstruate heavily
  • Insufficient intake of iron through diet (e.g. vegetarians)
  • For women attempting to become pregnant