Personalised medicine

“A new kind of inheritance. Harmful chemicals, stress and other influences can permanently alter which genes are turned on without changing any of the genes’ code. Now, it appears, some of these “epigenetic” changes are passed down to – and may cause disease in – future generations”  Scientific American Aug 2014

With Preventive Genetic Screening we can investigate and ultimately treat you according to your own unique make-up. This preventive and personalised approach combines genetic analysis with personal history, environmental factors and lifestyle. Our personalised recommendations can help you stay healthier for longer.

It is now possible to check for genetic changes that can affect your risk of acquiring certain cancers. These tests are mostly advised for people with a family history of cancer.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most frequent causes of death, especially in industrialised countries. There are reasons for this such as inappropriate lifestyle and stress.

Each individual reacts slightly different to any given drug. It is now possible to check personalised response to drugs and possibly avoid severe adverse effects.

Modern society leaves us short of time, little physical activity and a poor diet. The negative impact this lifestyle has on our health is largely determined by our unique genetic make-up.