General wellbeing

Many of the features ascribed to feeling well, or good, are directly determined, or at least strongly influenced, by what flows through our veins. Whether it be glucose to provide energy, or hormones to determine mood, how we experience life is largely as a result of the complex array of chemicals in our bloodstream. Our chemical levels can be managed directly by medication or by optimising the body’s ability to balance itself through diet and lifestyle.

One of the important things about stress is that many different things can add up and sneak up on you. These include poor diet, too much coffee, health problems and overwork.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is often a diagnosis of exclusion and treatment is conventionally directed to manage symptoms as opposed to getting to the root cause.

Sleep disorders have been implicated as risk factors in a number of health problems. Sleep deprivation affects a variety of essential functions and hormone balances.

The medical profession has underestimated the role that vitamin B12 plays in our general wellbeing. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a variety of different symptoms.

Controlling your weight is an important component of your health. It is not always easy to loose weight and many factors, including hormonal imbalances influences weight gain.