At The Bosham Clinic our doctors will perform a careful assessment, establish a diagnosis and offer a choice of treatments appropriate to your condition, medical history and lifestyle.

Acne affects most adolescents and causes significant concern in about 20% of individuals. In many cases, acne persists until the mid-20s and can continue until 40-50 years of age.

There is no need to put up with unwanted moles on skin, skin tags or other blemishes. In the right hands, these lesions can be removed with almost scarless results.

As a result of recent fashion trends and ethnic diversities, many women are wearing heavy earrings which can result in elongation of the pierced hole and of the ear lobe (split earlobe).

Thread veins on the legs are also called spider veins, broken veins, surface veins or venous flares. They are small superficial veins and may be a result of underlying varicose veins.