Feel confident about your appearance and look your best. Rediscover and release your natural beauty by removing unsightly spots, scars or blemishes and feel renewed and empowered.

The Bosham Clinic offers a range of beauty treatments including electrolysis, threading, waxing, skin peels, prescription facials, nail treatments, massages and reflexology.

The latest revolutionary advanced skin needling. Dermapen minimizes epidermal damage which means less pain and erythema.

The first signs of ageing skin are in general the formation of fine lines, especially around the eyes and upper lip. The scale layers of the epidermis become thinner and harder.

Anti-ageing skincare programs that work. Looking after your skin and using the right products can make a big difference.

As we age, our skin goes through certain changes. It thins and loses its elasticity, causing crinkles and lines to form. In addition, ageing skin has a tendency to become blotchy and freckled.